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There are plenty of chiropractic services available in every urban or medium size town location. However, if you want quality services from high trained staff and chiropractic experts in Chicago, Illinois, then you’re going to want to consider The Wellness Source for your needs. Chiropractic treatment for Chicago patients comes in a number of forms, so every case needs to be handled on a personal basis. The unique approach followed by the Wellness Source is one that is focused on a patient’s health, restoration of their wellbeing, and improved function through treatment, spinal analysis, and related services.

The team of Chicago chiropractors on staff at the Wellness Source are educated, licensed and trained to provide the best services possible, allowing patients to obtain relief from their symptoms and begin the process of healing. Each case starts with a comprehensive and detailed review of a patient’s case history, overall health, and his or her nervous system. Then, the team begins to craft the treatment process specific to the patient, working to provide relief from symptoms and identifying where the problems are being generated from. This includes analysis of the nervous system function compared to an ideal status, digital x-ray reviews, foot and pelvic analysis for things like pinched nerves for example, and a custom-tailored approach to each patient.

There are three general categories of treatment approach the Wellness Source utilizes with most patients on a regular basis. These include:

Network Spinal Analysis

chiropractor-services-in-chicagoThis advanced and cutting edge approach to back pain and discomfort aims for a holistic improvement versus just removal of isolated symptoms. Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) helps patients understand their body better through personal development, knowledge enhancement, and experience of causation and reaction. Through this treatment approach many patients have noted they have far more energy, they are able to relax and achieve a peaceful sense of being far easier, they are more focused when concentrating on tasks, and they understand and feel connected with their bodies far more. Crafted with a “four-season” design, NSA provides phases that a patient goes through, each with its own advantages and improvements. Titled “Discover,” “Transformation,” “Awaken,” and “Integrate,” the four season phases allow people to really find a better state of being that permanently improves their health outlook as well as their perspective about themselves.

Instead of feeling miserable in a body that doesn’t seem to work, hurts, and there’s no logical connection why, patients feel great, they understand better how their system works, and they see holistic connections that affect their body’s system with far greater clarity.

Raindrop Essential Oils

Oil treatment is an ancient and historical approach to providing back and muscle relief, used in many cultures and still just as effective as it was hundreds of years ago. The Wellness Source is not a counter-culture 1960s tune-out fest headquarters, however. Instead, our chiropractors and staff utilize raindrop essential oils to enhance healing aspects for patients with physical results. These oils, when applied through physical treatment, have a proven track record in helping relieve stress, boosting oxygen flow to the treated area, improving energy from increased relaxation, and basically making patients feel a whole lot better. Many patients note that oil treatments frequently help them breathe easier, sleep better and enjoy related health benefits.

Somato-Respiratory Integration

Stress is one of the top three chronic health problems people have in modern times. Somato-Respiratory Integration is designed as a treatment to focus directly on reducing stress and improving healthy breathing. With staff professionally trained in Reiki healing, combined with oil treatment, patients have consistently commented how much better they feel after a treatment and how it has permanently contributed in reducing their stress level.

Get Network Spinal Analysis in Chicago and More Today

For those looking for quality chiropractic services and back health treatment in the Chicago, Illinois region, the Wellness Source is the answer. Their staff are focused on patients’ overall, long-term health, not just alleviating a simply immediate pain source. With in-depth analysis, testing, and professional review staff will provide you a personal and effective treatment approach that will work for your needs, potentially including NSA, oils and other treatment tools identified to be effective for your case situation.

To schedule an assessment with us today, call 1-224-567-8580 or schedule with us online at any time.

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