Chiropractor in Glencoe, Illinois

The Wellness Source now has an office in Glencoe, Illinois! That means residents in the area have access to our holistic approach to improved health and empowering therapeutic techniques. We utilize a suite of services, all geared towards a complete approach to promoting relaxation, mitigating stress and taking charge of your well-being. You can work with one of our professional chiropractors to take advantage of any or all of our treatment options.

Network Spinal Analysis

In Glencoe, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) drives the core of our approach to bettering your health. What begins with an expert analysis of your current state executes in a non-traditional healing process, designed to elevate your health to new heights, rather than just restore it to a previous state. Realignment techniques are implemented to help your body improve function and relieve pain, but NSA sets itself apart from standard chiropractic treatments by adding focus to your connection to your own body. The Four Season approach makes the treatment more adaptable to your needs, and by the end of the course, you can expect to feel a vibrant spirit and outlook to match your better body.

Raindrop Essential Oils

NSA is at its best when you can enter into a fully relaxed state. That is why so many Glencoe chiropractic treatments combine it with our Raindrop Essential Oil therapy. Whether you opt to experience this with or without NSA, the oil treatment will help you find your relaxed center. It will minimize both physical and mental stress, helping to alleviate chronic pain and assisting you in achieving a more productive state of mind that can sustain your wellness between visits to the office.

Somato-Respiratory Integration

While NSA and oil therapy are powerful techniques that our chiropractors can apply for you, Somato-Respiratory Integration is an essential step to empowering you with treatments you can maintain on your own. We’ll give you expert training in these breathing techniques to make sure you properly master them, and then they will grant you the freedom to maintain your relaxation and stress management indefinitely. A holistic approach needs to include self-help, and that is what Somato-Respiratory Integration really offers.

Other Services

Other services in Glencoe will vary by case and availability, but they can include Reiki healing techniques and therapeutic stretching. Stretching in particular is another way to empower your health management with tools that will give you command over your body and state of mind. When combined properly with Somato-Respiratory Integration, a proper stretching regimen is the most reliable way to maintain and even boost the effects of your chiropractic treatment.

Get Started today

You have access to Glencoe chiropractors. You can call or visit to engage in a discussion about your wellness with one of our experts today. We’ll be sure to explain how the different treatment options can work to eliminate your pain and bring you to a new level of health. A customizable approach is sure to hit the points you need, so talk with us about the benefits of NSA, oil treatments and self-maintaining techniques.

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