Chiropractor in Skokie, Illinois

If you are searching for a chiropractor in Skokie, Illinois, The Wellness Source in Glenview is for you. We offer innovative services for restoring health and well-being.

Our highly trained and experienced staff can help you with any type of pain relief to enable healing without medications or surgery. We treat all aspects of injuries including spinal, muscular, bones, joints and ligaments, cartilage and deep tissue injuries. Our methods of healing include non-invasive procedures after a physical examination and medical history is reviewed. We offer the best testing to determine what type of treatment you need to heal. We offer digital x-rays, also foot, and pelvic analysis to diagnose your source of pain. You may receive treatment methods, such as network spinal analysis or raindrop essential oil treatments to better yourself and have an overall increase in health, body and mind.

Network Spinal Analysis

The process of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) achieves the mastery in health and also improves the emotional and mental state of patients for an overall feeling of well-being and healthiness. It can improve your total health and restore it to the state before you experienced an accident that led to your current pain from an accident or injury. Therapy to joints, muscles or the spine can actually reduce pain levels and may eliminate them all together. We target the cause of the stress on both the mind and the injuries in this type of therapy. It targets optimal health through a light touch to release a patient’s spinal tension and provide them with an overall sensation of wellness. This process examines the nervous system, which has control over stress and pain in every part of the body through the brain.

Raindrop Essential Oils

This type of therapy includes the use of pure, Raindrop Essential Oils to provide a relaxation massage with deeply rejuvenating sensations. The massage therapy is performed in a very serene setting that is quiet and relaxing for the patient. The therapeutic quality oils are applied to the neck, feet and spine to release tension for a massage therapy session. This therapy helps to align the body without manipulation and reduces stress and anxiety through the absorption of the essential oils. Oils can aid in a patient’s natural responses to injuries and ease muscles after strenuous exercise. Some of the oils also support the immune system and can even detox a patient’s body.

Get a Total Assessment in Skokie, Illinois Today

If you are experiencing pain or stress-related pain from any type of accident or injury, you should get a total assessment in Skokie, Illinois from the best chiropractors in the area. We have cutting edge technologies to treat any patient and improve their conditions. Your personal consultation allows our compassionate staff members to learn more about you and diagnose your treatment plan from non-invasive testing. Some of the technology in testing that we use is The Synergistic Source Effect Scan, Posture Pictures and Digital X-rays to make a diagnosis. We are totally transparent and can explain your treatment course based on your health along with the length of treatment needed to correct it and all costs associated with you regaining your youthful feeling. We also address any choices that help you to avoid future injuries to your specific injury.

Call us today to schedule your comprehensive, personal assessment from The Wellness Center in Glenview today at (224) 567-8580. Our practice is based on our caring chiropractors and staff to meet your every need in restoring health and well-being to all of our patients.

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