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The Wellness Source in Glenview represents the very best in chiropractic services in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. No matter what back issue is affecting your health and wellness, our wellness center in Buffalo Grove will be able to identify the underlying causes and come up with the best solution for your comfort and well-being. Our approach to spine health makes us unique because only our chiropractors can provide the necessary treatment for a variety of problems rather than one specific ailment. We can help clients to understand the specific factors that influence their nervous system, with details about how to ensure long-term health and maximize quality of life using chiropractic techniques.

What services can The Wellness Source provide that will keep your body in good health?


Network Spinal Analysis

The tools available to today’s generation of chiropractors have the potential to revolutionize chiropractic medicine. The Wellness Source stays on the cutting edge by incorporating Network Spinal Analysis into our treatment routines. NSA represents an ongoing evolution in bone and joint care, allowing a patient to achieve not just physical health but also mental and psychological wellbeing. The restorative model of NSA provides the physical therapy to relieve pain, pressure, or discomfort on a particular joint or muscle. It goes beyond a simple “cure” or treatment, however, by incorporating realignment with a person’s environment. This not only alleviates any physical issues but also helps provide better understanding of the root cause.

With NSA, a patient can walk away feeling certain that their discomfort or pain can be put behind them for good. This treatment incorporates four different sessions: Discover, Transformation, Awaken, and Integrate. The previous patients of Wellness Source who have gone through these four sessions have reported that the process significantly enriches their life and wellbeing.

Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment

Easing a part of the body can go a long way towards improving a health issue. That’s the idea behind Wellness Source’s Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment program, which develops healthy body and mind using essential oils. These oils are just beginning to gain popularity in the medical world, and the number of benefits they provide is growing by the day as more people experience their rejuvenating effect. The Wellness Source uses only essential oils that are AFNOR certified, meaning that they have the highest certification rating of any oil in the world.

The benefits of these oils extend well past chiropractic medicine, capable of reducing stress, improving circulation, developing superior vitality, and increasing the oxygen flow throughout the circulatory system. What’s more, patients will immediately feel relaxed and calm after an oil treatment routine. With their wide range of health benefits, there’s no ailment that essential oils cannot help to alleviate.

Somato-Respiratory Integration

The air that we breathe in does a lot for our bodies and minds. Being able to harness the power of deep breathing with Somato-Respiratory Integration gives any patient a fresh breath of air and a fresh take on their health. This holistic breathing method provides stress relief, increased mood, calmness, and relaxation.

Get The Best In Wellness with Experienced Buffalo Grove Chiropractors

The Wellness Source in Buffalo Grove offers a patient everything they need to overcome injury and become physically and mentally healthy. Consult an expert chiropractor in Buffalo Grove in order to find out what services are best for you.

When you are ready to feel good again, call 1-224-567-8580 to schedule an appointment, or contact us online. No matter what your issue, we can help find the best solution that will leave you feeling healthy, happy, and above all — well.

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