Chiropractor in Lincolnwood, Illinois

Is your life out of balance and poor in health? Do you want to get your personal goals back on track? Whether you are seeking improvement in health, an alternative lifestyle approach, or an overall body tune-up, The Wellness Source wellness center in Lincolnwood is equipped to help you meet your needs. Our award-winning chiropractic facility has served many patients throughout Lincolnwood and other areas in Illinois with happy results.

We offer several different chiropractic services to meet your needs.

Meet The Wellness Source: Your Lincolnwood Network Spinal Analysis Experts

Network spinal analysis (NSA), or network chiropractic care, is a new approach to chiropractic care. This technique focuses on the wellness of not only the spinal cord but also the whole body itself. Our Lincolnwood network spinal analysis practitioners utilize gentle touch points to the spine that stimulate the brain to produce its own natural healing processes in the body. The energy released from correcting spinal tensions is redirected to enhance overall body function. Finally, our Lincolnwood NSA chiropractors combine these clinical findings with the patient’s life experiences to improve personal awareness and wellness of the body as a whole.


Lincolnwood Raindrop Oil Therapy: An Overview

In addition to Lincolnwood network chiropractic care, our wellness center in Lincolnwood is experienced in AFNOR-certified raindrop oil therapy. AFNOR certification is the highest level of purity that can be reached for essential oils on the market. Our unique technique of raindrop oil therapy uses these natural essential oils to assist the body with increased oxygen blood flow, stress relief, relaxation, and a various number of other health benefits. You can experience these benefits for yourself in a personal raindrop oil therapy session with one of our Lincolnwood chiropractors. We are also happy to help our patients order their own essential oil products as a follow-up to their recommended oil therapy programs at home.

Somato Respiratory Integration at The Wellness Source Lincolnwood Wellness Center

In today’s high-speed modern tech world, we often overlook the things our bodies communicate to us. Somato Respiratory Integration is a program designed to increase our awareness of the body-mind connection through techniques of touch, gentle breathing, and movement. Our Lincolnwood chiropractors at The Wellness Source are certified in delivering Somato Respiratory Integration to our patients in addition to Lincolnwood network chiropractic care. We welcome you to explore and discover information about this and other unique therapeutic techniques on the pages throughout our website.

Want to Learn More About The Wellness Source Chiropractors in Lincolnwood?

Ready to get started with our wellness programs and improve the quality of your life? Contact us at our Lincolnwood wellness center today through our dedicated phone line at 224 – 567 – 8580, or visit one of our social media outlets and connect with us! Our time slots at The Wellness Source fill up fast, so booking an appointment with us in advance is recommended. New patients are welcome with a scheduled appointment ahead of time. You can also purchase your first exam in advance at a discounted rate through the convenience of our Online Store on the website.

At The Wellness Source, our goal is focused on one simple aspect – the wellbeing and improvement of your body and life experience! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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