Network Spinal Analysis

Enrich your life with NSA

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a revolutionary method of wellness and personal development that allows a deeper experience of one’s own life, spine, breath, and body awareness. This cutting edge wellness technology supports everyone who wants to achieve a life that they were designed and deserving to have. The principals of NSA care are far-reaching and extend well beyond the scope of healthcare. The intention of this care is to allow a person to achieve a state of mastery in their health, as well as their sense of self, relationships, life’s purpose, emotional state, and mental state. During the initial visits, your body heals & begins to feel energized while increasing your emotional state, pain & symptoms begin to disappear!

The intention of most, if not all, other forms of healthcare can be labeled as a restorative therapeutic approach. The definition of the restorative model is to get a person back to a prior state of health before an injury or incident. Some examples of this would be providing therapy to a muscle or joint that isn’t feeling the best, and continuing till the pain reached an acceptable level. Although this approach can be effective in relieving the distress, no greater understanding of the incident or condition is achieved, thus the cause of the distress was never healed.

Reorganizational Healing Through Network Spinal Analysis

In regards to NSA care, the outcome is to support the person in accomplishing a level of life that was never achieved before- thus new heights of self-expression. This type of care is termed Reorganizational Healing- the person is able to reorganize how they respond to their environment in a more favorable and healthy way, while a greater understanding of their experiences is achieved. What this provides is the ability to feel amazing, experience peace, relaxation, abundant energy, inspiration, and focused passion while engaging in enhanced relationships with a body that works.

The Four Seasons of Well-Being

This health journey is experienced through what is called “The Four Seasons of Well-Being.” These seasons are designed to support people in understanding where they are in care and their life, while providing a compass for the direction that they inherently know they must take.

The first season people enter into care is called “Discover.” In this season, someone is experiencing some degree of suffering or a non-optimal condition/situation. While care is being experienced, you are able to access previously disconnected energy and your breath opens. You start to feel more relaxation & symptoms usually decrease. As care progresses, your body & mind become more stable and more ease is experienced with a deeper connection to their spine, breath & awareness.


This will lead to the next season, “Transformation,” where a reorganizing energy wave will be produced in your spine that will support your brain & body in releasing stress related spinal tension patterns that is contributing to your overall health condition.


“Awaken” is the next season experienced and is the season of action that is based on the awareness & experience of empathy, love, compassion and gratitude. Someone’s experience of themselves deepens and they feel a strong connection to themselves and others.


The final season is “Integrate.” In this season, a person is able to go back and experience a previous season while maintaining their perspectives of the other seasons. They have experiences with a deeper wisdom, and confidence. As one continues to cycle through the different seasons, it has been found that there is no limit or ‘glass ceiling’ to the results that someone can experience while under Network Spinal Analysis care. Their experience continues to become heightened and expansive.

Network Spinal Analysis Care

Peer reviewed research has revealed that participants under NSA care have reported a 2-3 fold increase in satisfaction in various activities as compared to performing those activities without care (ie: yoga, meditation, etc). Thus being under NSA care makes life more enriching, enhancing and exciting as new levels of satisfaction are achieved with a perpetually deeper understanding of self.

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