Our Wellness Approach

The Four Seasons of Well Being

During our journey in life, we experience many up’s and down’s- varying degrees of stress (physical, mental, emotional, & chemical). These experiences can be considered to be specific periods or rhythms that are classified into ‘The Sacred Seasons’. Just as the actual 4 seasons in nature bring about different conditions that support certain activities and experiences, so do these ‘Sacred Seasons’. With the differing seasons of the year, the seasons are the deciding factor in what food is readily available & what activities are performed. Someone wouldn’t expect to plant a seed in winter, nor harvest in the springtime. The same holds true for how we respond and behave during our ‘Sacred Seasons’. How a person thinks, the way we go about our daily activities, what resources are available to us are directly related to where we are physically, mentally & emotionally in each Sacred Season. These seasons are classified into Discover, Transform, Awaken & Integrate. These seasons are a representation of the way a person relates to & with their environment. As one receives Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic care, they are able to go through these ‘Sacred Seasons’ with more awareness, energy & direction. People report early in care that they feel a reduction in their symptoms, such as headaches, neck & back pain, low energy, trouble sleeping. As they progress in each season, more energy and feeling better with a deeper understanding of themselves & their lives is achieved.  
1. Discover In the season of Discover, we become more connected to these disconnections and more Energy is brought back into the system. It is often reported that a person is more peaceful and feels better overall, they have a deeper connection to their breath and body!
2. Transform The season of Transform is thought of becoming aware where we have lacked authentic expression, ownership of our defense strategies of self sabotage & not honoring our own authentic nature. We transform ourselves with the help of increased consciousness, resources, action and skills.
3. Awaken The Sacred Season of Awaken is the opportunity for unprecedented awareness. This awareness & experience of love, empathy, compassion and gratitude emanates from us with the rest of humanity.
4. Integrate The final Sacred Season of Integrate is an incorporation of all the other seasons, it occurs when a person re-visits a previous season while having the presence about them in regards to their previous ‘seasonal’ experience.

Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is an evolving method of wellness and personal development that allows a deeper experience of one’s own life, spine, breath and body awareness. This cutting edge wellness technology supports every person in achieving a life that they were designed and deserving to have. The principals of NSA care are far reaching and extend well beyond the scope of health care. The design of this care is to allow a person to achieve a state of mastery in their health, as well as their sense of self, relationships, life’s purpose, emotional & mental state. Learn More About NSA »

Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment

These powerful oils are designed and intended to work with the body in releasing stress, increasing vitality and energy, increase oxygen into body & the body’s tissues and promote a relaxing and calming effect. We incorporate essential oils into our practice in a variety of ways. People continue to report incredible health benefits from the use of Young Living Essential Oils! Learn More Essential Oils »

Additional Services

Beyond Network Spinal Analysis & essential oils, we also provide other integrative wellness modalities that support the connection of mind, body & spirit. Click the link below to see our additional services! View All Services »